Disposal at poultry farms

Functioning, poultry farms do great damage to the environment. Urgent issue of many poultry farms is to solve the problems associated with pollution and its surrounding areas with bird droppings, sewage and waste of various kinds. No less important is the protection of man, animals and birds from infectious agents. Often, infectious diseases spread by migratory birds or by airborne droplets, or by the fecal-oral route. Veterinary and sanitary regulations established that the burning of bio-waste should be carried out in earthen trenches (pits) to form a non-combustible inorganic residue. To prevent the spread of pathogenic viruses, including avian influenza, you need to total extermination of infected birds, as well as potential carriers of the disease.

Dispose of waste poultry farms is essential that the following points:

  • Ensuring the protection of the environment according to regulatory documents;
  • Products obtained during processing to be environmentally safe and of high quality;
  • Compliance with veterinary and sanitary requirements.

Using the crematorium ovens at the poultry farm will allow you to perform the necessary requirements for sanitary conditions, protect the environment from the adverse effects of waste products, a residue (ash) high quality, which can be safely used in other industries.

Thanks to choke crematorium by «Bonkraft» Company work without forming smoke and odor, having concluded that the amount of harmful substances in the working area corresponds to the MAC. Crematorium ovens are easy to use, as well as save you time and money in the fight for the safe disposal of waste products of poultry farms.

Capacity: 200 kg
Performance: 50-100 kg/hour
Capacity: 50 kg
Performance: 25-35 kg/h
Крематор КР-100 для биологических отходов
Capacity: 100 kg
Performance: 35-50 kg/h
Capacity: 1000 kg
Performance: 60-100 kg/h
Capacity: 180 kg
Performance: 180 kg/h
Capacity: 300 kg
Performance: 50-100 kg/hour
Capacity: 400 kg
Performance: 60-110 kg/h
Capacity: 1000 kg
Performance: 150-250 kg/h
Capacity: 1500 kg
Performance: 200-300 kg/h
Capacity: 2000 kg
Performance: 250-350 kg/h
Capacity: 2000 kg
Performance: 250-350 kg/h
Capacity: 750 kg
Performance: 80-150 kg/h
Capacity: 10 000 kg
Performance: 1000 kg/h
Capacity: 500 kg
Performance: 100-150 kg/h
Capacity: 100 kg
Performance: 50-70 kg/h