Disposal of medical waste

Utilization of medical products — is an important part of the environmental safety of any state: in order of importance this kind of waste can be compared only with the disposal of radiation sources.

What relates to medical waste?

«Hospital debris» includes biological and veterinary waste, drugs, pharmaceuticals, medical instruments, and even X-ray film.

Wastes are divided into hazard classes:

  • Class «A» — epidemiological safety
  • Class «B» — dangerous
  • Class «C» — extremely dangerous epidemiologically
  • Class «D» — toxicological hazard
  • Class «E» — radioactive waste

What medical waste dangerous for human?

Medical wastes are a potential epidemiological risk, because they may be contaminated with toxic substances, contain pathogens or radioactive components. This is the main supplier of hazardous chemical, chemical and biological elements in the environment, the source of increased danger for anyone who comes into contact with it. Not surprisingly, the medical waste subject to mandatory destruction.

At the moment there are two ways of neutralizing them:

  • mechanical grinding followed by removal of the special waste and
  • the almost complete thermal destruction with the help of special facilities for disposal of medical waste.

Furnaces for disposal of medical waste are simpler and more effective alternative to the first method and applied to virtually all types of waste medical institutions.

Installations for the disposal of hazardous medical waste

Equipment for medical waste incineration — a new word in a controlled recycling process unusable materials. Thermal shredders handle any waste without sorting, thus completely eliminating the risk of them not available in other technologies. Crematorium ovens for disposal of medical waste have high productivity, relatively small size and ease of operation.

Disposal of medical waste using modern devices provides absolute thermal efficiency, without harming the environment.

Our company offers high-tech incinerators and crematoriums ovens to all businesses interested in cost-effective and safe disposal of medical waste.

Capacity: 200 kg
Performance: 150-180 kg/h
Capacity: 180 kg
Performance: 180 kg/h
Capacity: 100 kg
Performance: 50-70 kg/h
Capacity: 400 kg
Performance: 60-110 kg/h
Capacity: 1000 kg
Performance: 150-250 kg/h
Capacity: 1500 kg
Performance: 200-300 kg/h
Capacity: 2000 kg
Performance: 250-350 kg/h
Capacity: 2000 kg
Performance: 250-350 kg/h
Capacity: 750 kg
Performance: 80-150 kg/h
Capacity: 3000 kg
Performance: 250-400 kg/h
Capacity: 10 000 kg
Performance: 1000 kg/h
Capacity: 10 000 kg
Performance: 3000 kg/h
Capacity: 500 kg
Performance: 100-150 kg/h