Insinerator Hurricane 1000

Hurricane 1000 — trailed incinerator with continuous operation for emergency disposal of biological waste.

Hurricane 1000 — this durable, high-power and highly mobile incinerators are designed for quick use in epidemics and emergencies. Incinerators are designed for quick and easy burning large amounts of organic waste as a result of any disease outbreaks, including avian influenza, foot and mouth disease, mad cow disease, swine fever.

Hurricane 1000 — one of the largest mobile incinerators. Incinerator is designed for continuous operation, do not need to stop to remove the ash. Fully automatic control system flowchart is equipped with a programmable controller that manages the pre-heating chamber further afterburning, the combustion cycle and cooling cycle.

Technical features: 
Model Hurricane 1000
Chamber volume, m3 14,3
Loading capacity, kg 10 000
Combustion speed, kg/h 1000
Loading method Upper
Fuel Diesel (also oven fuel, liquefied gas propane-butane etc.)
Weight, t 12
Dimensions, m 6,36 х 2,8 х 9,49


  • Main chamber
  • 7 burners
  • Fans

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