Support Service

Do you want your installation to work reliably and for a long time?

Order a service from our Support Service:

  1.  Startup and commissioning
  2.  Warranty service
  3.  Equipment repair
  4.  Maintenance and routine servicing
  5.  Delivery of spare parts

Our Support Service is a team of professionals available for performing any installation works for you with the guaranteed high-class quality.

The basic purpose of the Support Service is to ensure uninterrupted operation of the equipment supplied by our Company.

Continuing professional development of service engineers is one of the plant’s priority objectives, therefore the qualification level of engineers complies with strict requirements of the market.

Why do you need SERVICING?

-The equipment is expensive and requires specific regulations during startup and commissioning operations. Unauthorized installation works can result in equipment breakdown.

-Modern diagnostics of installation performance parameters can insure you from expensive repair and extend the equipment service life (similarly to regular car maintenance.)

Do not hesitate to ask any questions by the phone: 8922-520-20-03, 8912-466-61-89, 8-800-555-37-70 (звонок бесплатный)

or by e-mail: