Marine incinerator

According to the requirements, to prevent pollution of the sea debris on the vessel must be provided a device for collecting a device for processing waste or incinerators. Widely used method of thermal disposal of ship waste using furnaces — incinerators, because it is practical and cost-effective. This method is suitable for many ship-generated waste and equipment performance is determined by the amount of waste that can be burned for a certain time.

Undeniable advantages — is:

  • automation of the process,
  • the maximum reduction in the volume of waste,
  • sterility residues after combustion
  • processing all kinds of garbage.

Before burning debris is dried carefully to have a higher thermal conductivity, resulting in the saving of fuel. In modern installations preliminary drying of waste is carried out directly in the furnace. Furnace filled with solid waste and heated to a temperature of 500 C or more, evaporation gases rise to the top of the camera, or the camera afterburner, which is set by the customer, which is completely burned. The ash from the incineration of waste, fully decontaminated.

For body incinerator used high-strength steel, it starts from the remote control and timer controls the duration of the firing cycle. After a few combustion cycles are cleaned of ash from the furnace, which can be used as fertilizer or at a building sites.