The seminar on serial production

The seminar on serial production was held in September, 2015. The training was taken by all managers of the Sales and Purchasing Department.

Boncraft plant gives special attention to the expertise of its personnel. The Company holds some training courses and seminars on the assortment, sales and assembly works on a monthly basis. We want our specialists to be able to select the equipment you need and give a literate consultation on any questions you have.



The International Exhibition 'Wasma'

On October 27 – 29, 2015 Boncraft plant will take part in the International Specialized Exhibition 'Wasma', which is held in Moscow.

The exhibition will present recent developments and innovative technologies facilitating a solution to one of the global challenges of the modern age – protection of the environment and human health from negative impact of production and consumption. It is one of the most promising Russian exhibitions, which presents the fastest growing industry of recycling, technologies for waste collection, recycling and disposal.

We are happy to see you at our stand.