Crematorium oven KR-300

Cremator KR-300 is a chamber made of high-strength steel, equipped with a high-performance burner and timer. Thanks to a special mechanism provides easy opening hatch. Fireproof thermal insulation lining protects from heat and protects the body from external heat. Due to the high combustion temperature inside the crematorium is almost complete destruction of biological waste. Camera can be equipped with an additional afterburner exhaust gases.

Technical features: 
Model KR-300
Loading capacity, kg 300
Combustion temperature, °С up to 760°C
Number of burners, pcs 1
Productivity, kg/h 35-50
Fuel Diesel, gas
Power supply, V 220 
Weight, t 1,8
Fuel consumption 6-8 l/h


  • Main chamber
  • Burners
  • Fans

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