Insinerator IU-R/K-1000

Incinerator IU 1000 is a setup with two cameras: a main combustion chamber and secondary afterburner, each of which has a layer of refractory material on the inner surface and equipped with two main burners and one burner in post-combustion chamber, designed to run on diesel fuel. Has a charging port with a vertical way of loading, chimney, fuel tank, connecting pipe, equipped with mechanical loading of biological waste in the crematorium. Lining secondary chamber formed refractory ceramic fiber, thickness of 100 mm. Equipped with automatic control system, which includes a control unit and a temperature sensor for each camera.

Technical features: 
Model IU-R/K-1000
Chamber volume, m3 2,5
Loading capacity, kg 1000 
Combustion temperature, °С 1100
Number of burners, pcs 3
Productivity, kg/h 150-250
Fuel Diesel
Power supply, V 220
Weight, kg 4400
Dimensions, m 4,5 x 3,2 x 2,1


  • Main chamber
  • 3 burners
  • Fan
  • Control panel 

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