Incinerators for sludge

Oil sludge adverse effects in the environment and are subject to, or disposal or destruction. Oil sludge formed during the production, processing and transport of oil and represent the complex physicochemical mixture consisting of mineral oil, impurities in the form of clay, sand, water and metal oxides, the ratio may be different substances.

Companies associated with the oil industry, must necessarily be disposed of sludge oil. This requirement shall be regulated by law and allow you to keep a favorable environment, avoiding contact with hazardous substances into the air, water or soil. Currently oil sludge is processed in several ways:

  • affecting various chemical reagents
  • filtering or defending them,
  • or burning.

Using the incinerator from «Bonkraft» Company you safely disposing of oil sludge, oily rags and other waste products, as our company has developed and manufactures various kinds of equipment and facilities. Incinerator is the equipment for the destruction of industrial and domestic waste thermal method. In the process of combustion chamber temperature ranges from 8000°C to 1100°C, and the complex design of the furnace and the specific gas cleaning system eliminates the chance of getting harmful substances into the atmosphere. The equipment is easy to operate, and its use is beneficial both economically, and environmentally.

Capacity: 200 kg
Performance: 150-180 kg/h
Capacity: 180 kg
Performance: 180 kg/h
Capacity: 750 kg
Performance: 80-150 kg/h