Insinerator IU-ECO-300


The principle of operation is based on Filter the most advanced technology of wet gas cleaning - in the vortex dispersed layer. Large specific surface area of contact between the phases, high-speed uniformity and updates its structure determined high rate of metabolic processes, in particular, a highly cleaned gases from the dust and gas impurities at small dimensions of the contact device. As a result, after passing through the air filter is cleaned of dust. Intensively foamed layer water filter air cleaner has successfully plays a role. Thus not only trapped dust particles and other contaminants, but also harmful gas impurities.

For burning:

  • Animal waste, slaughterhouses and poultry (dead animals and their parts).
  • Paper and wood waste.
  • MSW (except plastics) and waste utilities.
  • Oil sludge (except flammable substances and petroleum products).
  • Medical waste of Class A and B.


Technical features: 
Model IU-ECO-300
Chamber volume, m3 0,94
Loading capacity, kg 300
Loading method front
Combustion temperature, °С 760
Number of burners, pcs 2
Productivity, kg/h 150-180
Fuel Diesel, gas
Power supply, V 220
Weight, kg 5,7
Dimensions, m 4,25x1,44x6,0


Version: stationary container.

  • The main camera;
  • Afterburning chamber;
  • 2 burner;
  • Gas treatment system.

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