Functioning, poultry farms do great damage to the environment. Urgent issue of many poultry farms is to solve the problems associated with pollution and its surrounding areas with bird droppings, sewage and waste of various kinds. No less important is the protection of man, animals and birds from infectious agents. Often, infectious diseases spread by migratory birds or by airborne droplets, or by the fecal-oral route. Veterinary and sanitary regulations established that the burning of bio-waste should be carried out in earthen trenches (pits) to form a non-combustible inorganic residue.

The problem of environmental safety and the health of mankind depends largely on the extent of environmental contamination by various household waste, including biological. It is not surprising that their utilization becomes more relevant in recent years.

According to the requirements, to prevent pollution of the sea debris on the vessel must be provided a device for collecting a device for processing waste or incinerators. Widely used method of thermal disposal of ship waste using furnaces — incinerators, because it is practical and cost-effective. This method is suitable for many ship-generated waste and equipment performance is determined by the amount of waste that can be burned for a certain time.

Utilization of medical products — is an important part of the environmental safety of any state: in order of importance this kind of waste can be compared only with the disposal of radiation sources.

Oil sludge adverse effects in the environment and are subject to, or disposal or destruction. Oil sludge formed during the production, processing and transport of oil and represent the complex physicochemical mixture consisting of mineral oil, impurities in the form of clay, sand, water and metal oxides, the ratio may be different substances.

Municipal solid waste (MSW) is a complex mixture of products consumption. Currently MSW waste can be divided into a biological origin, such as bone, food and vegetable wastes, wastes and synthetic. The latter include petroleum, pulp processing waste, various metals, polymers and glass.

if you are interested in this phrase you have raised the question of the disposal of organic waste (death of animals, birds and laboratory animals, slaughtering waste and other biological objects).